May. 7, 2015


I was hesitant to put a picture of a CAT on my front page. Kind of marks me as a certain type of person doesn't it? That fact that I am female only intensifies the perception. Crazy cat lady. My cousin actually called me that when I was regaling her with one of my stories about Leon aka Sushi Cat. I stood dumbfounded as she continued walking a few more steps then turned back to see where I'd disappeared to. "What!?" You have to have more than one cat to be a crazy cat lady I informed her. But it bothered me. I did not want to be seen that way! I grew up with dogs. If anything at all I am a crazy DOG lady; we have two of those! We never had cats and the ones I knew who lived with friends I never liked, I tolerated. Then I shared a duplex with my niece Jessica for a year or so and she had a cat named Leon who was actually a dog in a cat's body so him I liked. He is gone now, rip Leon, and when my husband came home with a kitten one day that had crawled up in his spare tire holder in the parking lot at work, I insisted we call him Leon II since they looked somewhat similar.

Leon ran away when he had been with us about a year. Actually he took off after some stray cats that lived under the dilapidated trailer next door and got lost. I believe they lured him with some tales of great adventure then abandoned him once they got him far enough away from his cozy home. He was gone for three months. When he was found a couple of blocks away, he was wary of people and starving. I have fed him anytime and anything he wants since we got him back. Hence, the moniker Sushi Cat.