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Jezebel Dubois from Louisiana U.S.A. steps out her door one muggy August afternoon to find a dragonfly the size of a humming bird dangling before her. She adopts the dragonfly as a pet when he continues to appear morning after morning in her garden. On the same day as his arrival ‘Jezzy’ has an unpleasant encounter with a stranger on the train to the village where she teaches English classes. The weasel, as she calls him, develops an attachment to Jezzy that leads to frightening circumstances.

Set in modern day Japan and during Obon—the most supernatural of Japanese holidays, a time when the dead return for a short visit—this is a story of a young woman who has grown weary of her job but loves living in Japan and doesn’t want to leave it. She visits a local shrine to seek the advice of the nature gods, and in the days that follow a series of unexplainable events occur and culminate in a suspenseful encounter that has Jezzy calling on deepest instincts to find her way out as unseen forces provide guidance and support.

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